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Evolution Electric Vehicles

Model Name

Classic 2 Pro


2 Passenger

Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart

Need a golf cart tailored for solo drives? The Classic 2 Pro is your ideal pick. Boasting a unique design with extensive customization options, this cart is meticulously crafted from wheels to seats, color to accessories. Create an electric golf cart that’s not only an extension of your style but also ensures a remarkable solo driving experience.


● Classic 2 Pro: 94″ x 55″ x 72"​


● Lithium Battery
● 48V 4KW AC Motor
● 400 AMP Evolution AC Controller
● 20 MPH Max Speed
● 25A Evolution On-Board Charger

Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart
Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart

Elegance Meets Practicality in Two-Seater Travel

Discover Classic 2 Pro, our two-seater golf cart engineered with both the solo traveler and duos in mind. Every detail is thoughtfully considered: LED lighting for clear night rides, a speedometer to track your pace, rear-view mirrors for safety, and handy amenities like cup holders, golf ball storage, and a ceiling handle. With plush seating and a safety belt, comfort is guaranteed. Beyond its striking appearance, Classic 2 Pro promises a ride that’s both comfortable and secure, ensuring you travel in style and safety.

Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart
Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart
Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart


Journey with confidence as our finely-calibrated speedometer paints a clear picture of your pace. Nestled gracefully on the dashboard, and complemented by the odometer, it’s more than just an instrument – it’s a chronicle of distances covered and adventures embarked upon.


Indulge in golfing elegance with the Classic 2 Pro’s specialized golf ball holder. With room for four balls, it’s an ode to readiness, ensuring that as you weave through the course, your next shot is never held up searching for a ball. Golfing finesse, refined.

Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart
Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart


Savor every drop at the perfect moment. Our sophisticated Car Seat Cup Holder seamlessly attaches to the convertible’s side, granting easy access to thirst-quenchers. Sculpted to accommodate diverse cup sizes, it pairs functionality with artful design, enhancing the rear seat’s ambiance.


Crafted for the serene landscapes of golf courses, our rear axle is a testament to streamlined design. With an emphasis on minimal maintenance and a solid, yet lightweight structure, it’s both durable and whisper-quiet. Beyond just mechanics, it ensures that every ride on the greens remains undisturbed and serene.

Classic 2 Pro Golf Cart
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