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Turfman 200

Turfman 200 




Evolution Electric Vehicles

Model Name

Turfman 200


2 Passenger & Utility

Our Price



With a two-seater capacity and a robust cargo box seamlessly integrated at the rear, it’s tailored for those who demand both efficiency and durability. Whether it’s transporting equipment, supplies, or hefty loads, Turfman 200 is the trusted companion that ensures tasks are completed with precision and ease.


● Turfman 200 overall size: 94″ x 55″ x 72″ 

● Cargo box size: 43″ x 35″ x 11″


● Lithium Battery
● 48V 4KW AC Motor
● 400 AMP Evolution AC Controller
● 25 MPH Max Speed
● 25A Evolution On-Board Charger

SCV Carts - Classic 2 Pro10.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 2 Pro16.jpeg

Efficiency Meets Durability

In today’s demanding commercial environment, the Turfman 200 stands out as a beacon of efficiency and robustness. This electric vehicle is meticulously engineered to meet the varied cargo-handling needs of bustling airports, expansive warehouses, vibrant sports grounds, and tourist-dense attractions. Boasting a two-seater configuration, it enables swift navigation through intricate pathways, while its rear cargo box has been reinforced to bear heavy loads. Its ergonomic design ensures that drivers and co-passengers experience utmost comfort, making long hauling hours less strenuous and more productive.

SCV Carts - Turfman 2008.jpeg
SCV CARTS - Evolution Speedometer
SCV Carts - Turfman 2001.jpeg


Journey with confidence as our finely-calibrated speedometer paints a clear picture of your pace. Nestled gracefully on the dashboard, and complemented by the odometer, it’s more than just an instrument – it’s a chronicle of distances covered and adventures embarked upon.


When it’s about heavy-duty hauling in commercial or recreational settings, the Turfman 200 doesn’t disappoint. Fitted with a robust thermoplastic cargo box at its rear, it provides ample space to transport tools, equipment, or personal belongings. Whether you’re headed for hunting, farming, or a beach escapade, this cargo box promises durability and longevity.

SCV Carts - Turfman 2005.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 2 Pro11.jpeg


Equipped with 14” alloy wheel rims complemented by color-matching inserts, Turfman 200’s tires are meticulously crafted to be gentle on grassy terrains. The sipped tread pattern promises effective water dispersion, while enhancing traction, cornering, and braking capabilities. Lightweight and of a low profile, these tires are a harmonious blend of aesthetics and utility.


Crafted for the serene landscapes of golf courses, our rear axle is a testament to streamlined design. With an emphasis on minimal maintenance and a solid, yet lightweight structure, it’s both durable and whisper-quiet. Beyond just mechanics, it ensures that every ride on the greens remains undisturbed and serene.

SCV Carts - Turfman 2007.jpeg

Compact Powerhouse

The essence of the Turfman 200 lies in its ability to combine compactness with significant hauling power. Its design ensures easy maneuverability in tight spaces, yet when it comes to performance, it can tackle heavy-duty tasks with unmatched ease. This synergy of size and strength makes it the go-to choice for businesses seeking efficient cargo solutions.

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