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Welcome to SCV Carts! We're a bunch of down-to-earth folks who love golf carts and cruising! We sell new and used golf cars for all types of use, from neighborhood cruisin' to commercial utility style. Have an event? We offer golf cart rentals tailored for both short-term and long-term needs. Our fleet boasts the latest technology and our rentals can be personalized with custom wraps or logos.  We also service and customize carts, everything from lithium battery conversions to complete sound systems! Check out our site and reach out! Or better yet, stop in and say hey!

SCV Carts Electric Golf Cars

Step into the whimsical world of SCV Carts, your go-to hotspot for golf cart shenanigans in Santa Clarita, California! Nestled in the northern nook of Los Angeles County, we're not your run-of-the-mill golf cart hub – we're your trusted sidekick for all your swinging and cruising adventures.

Whether you're a golf nut needing the perfect partner for the greens or on a quest for ultimate personal transportation, SCV Carts has your back. Get ready for a parade of 2-passenger, 4-passenger, 6-passenger, and 8-passenger models strutting their stuff. And many of our carts are street-legal LSVs, ready to save the day wherever you take them. Cruise the neighborhood, scope out landscaping designs, or arrive in style at the pool or pickleball court - just be prepared for the thumbs up and waves!

But wait, there's more madness! SCV Carts offers a lineup of utility carts that'll make ranches and corporate facilities do a double-take. From security squads to maintenance maestros, our utility carts are the unsung heroes, conquering any environment, even ones with office drama.

And here's the twist – we're the Picasso of customization! Choose from a variety of wheels, tires, enclosures for cozy rides, underglow LED lights for flair, interior lights for a disco vibe, speaker upgrades, soundbars, and full-on sound systems to make your cart the life of the party. We're not just selling carts; we're crafting dreams on wheels!

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