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Service to Customization - We Got You!

SCV Carts Service Technician 

Looking to pamper your golf cart with top-notch service? Look no further than SCV Carts! Our service department is equipped to handle the everyday battery TLC to lithium battery conversions. Major repairs, and even an array of fancy custom upgrades! Our squad of highly trained technicians is all about keeping your golf cart, LSV, NEV, or utility cart, in tip-top shape. Some of the brands we service are Icon, EZGO, Cushman, Yamaha, Club Car, Evolution, and more!

Drop your deets in the form below, and we'll swoop in like golf cart superheroes to answer your service needs. Our gearheads are practically doing cartwheels to assist you every step of the way! Do you have burning questions about your trusty golf cart? Give us a holler at 661-388-2648.

We're not just here for the small talk; we can tackle most questions about your golf cart. And if we don't have the answer in our back pocket, we'll embark on a quest to find it for you. So, whether you're after a friendly chat about servicing or plotting an appointment, we're here to make your golf cart experience smoother than a joyride on a sunny day. Swing by, let's chat about how to treat your investment right, and dive into the wonders of our services!

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