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Evolution Electric Vehicles

Model Name

Classic 4 Plus


4 Passenger

SCV Carts - CLASSIC 4 Plus Lithium Battery.jpg

Journeying with friends and family is a cherished experience, and what better way to navigate nature’s wonders than in a Classic 4 Plus? Designed for communal adventures, this golf cart turns vast fields into scenic playgrounds, country roads into exploratory paths, and sprawling grasslands into picturesque backdrops. Dive into the heart of nature and let Classic 4 Plus be the vehicle of your collective dreams!


● Classic 4 Plus: 103″x55″x74″​


● 48V Lithium battery
● 48V 6.3KW AC motor
● 400 Amp Evolution AC controller
● 25mph max speed
● 25A Evolution on-board charger

SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus12.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus13.jpeg

Optimized Group Travel

Seeking the perfect vehicle for group outings? Classic 4 Plus has you covered. Boasting a spacious seating arrangement for four, it’s ideal for shared adventures with friends and family. Whether navigating daytime terrains or exploring nocturnal paths, its LED headlights and tail lights ensure clear visibility. For entertainment on the go, indulge in your favorite tunes or films with the integrated 9-inch touchscreen and robust stereo system. With designated spaces like a cup holder, ball holder, and an expansive storage compartment, all your essentials have a spot. Prioritizing both comfort and safety, its plush seating and dependable seat belts promise a smooth and secure journey every time.

SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus14.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 2 Plus11.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus4.jpeg


Our 9-inch touchscreen is a game-changer. Beyond entertainment, it offers centralized control for the cart’s key features. From music and speedometer checks to Bluetooth and back-up camera access—it’s all at your fingertips.


Powering our carts is the superior lithium-ion battery, commonly found in high-end electronics and vehicles. Chosen for its consistently high performance and durability, it ensures our carts stand up to rigorous use. It’s not just a battery; it’s a promise of unmatched efficiency.

SCV Carts - Classic 2 Plus9.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus5.jpeg


Cruise in style while enjoying your favorite tunes. Our inbuilt stereo system adds a personal touch to your rides, making even familiar routes feel fresh. It’s more than just a sound system; it’s an experience enhancer that gives your cart a unique identity.


Our cart’s thoughtfully designed storage compartment keeps your essentials organized. Whether you’re off on a summer camping trip or traversing cross-country, there’s ample space to stow away your gear. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized convenience.

SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus15.jpeg
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