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Evolution Electric Vehicles

Model Name

Forester 4 Plus


4 Passenger

SCV Carts - Forester 4 Plus Lithium Battery

Introducing the Forester 4 Plus – more than just a golf cart, it’s a statement on wheels. Designed to be street-legal with a flair for hunting adventures, this Low-Speed Vehicle is equipped to tackle complex terrains. With its elevated chassis, rugged body, and off-road silent tires, it’s ready for both the streets and the wild.


● Forester 4 Plus: 117″x55″x83″


● 48V Lithium battery
● 48V 6.3KW AC motor
● 400 Amp Evolution AC controller
● 25 MPH max speed
● 25A Evolution on-board charger

SCV Carts - Forester 4 Plus13.jpeg
SCV Carts - Forester 4 Plus4.jpeg

Conquer the Great Outdoors with Forester 4 Plus

Where rugged durability meets street legality. This isn’t just any cart; it’s a call to adventure. Designed meticulously to navigate both the asphalt of the city and the untamed terrains of the wilderness, its elevated chassis grants a bird’s-eye view of your path, ensuring that no obstacle goes unnoticed. The off-road, noiseless tires not only promise a silent hunt but also effortlessly glide over challenging terrains without leaving a mark. Constructed with resilience in mind, its robust body stands testament to the promise of enduring the harshest environments while maintaining its impeccable form.

SCV Carts - Forester 4 Plus14.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 2 Plus11.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus4.jpeg


Our 9-inch touchscreen is a game-changer. Beyond entertainment, it offers centralized control for the cart’s key features. From music and speedometer checks to Bluetooth and back-up camera access it’s all at your fingertips.


Powering our carts is the superior lithium-ion battery, commonly found in high-end electronics and vehicles. Chosen for its consistently high performance and durability, it ensures our carts stand up to rigorous use. It’s not just a battery; it’s a promise of unmatched efficiency.

SCV Carts - Classic 2 Plus9.jpeg
SCV Carts - Classic 4 Plus5.jpeg


Cruise in style while enjoying your favorite tunes. Our inbuilt stereo system adds a personal touch to your rides, making even familiar routes feel fresh. It’s more than just a sound system; it’s an experience enhancer that gives your cart a unique identity.


Our cart’s thoughtfully designed storage compartment keeps your essentials organized. Whether you’re off on a summer camping trip or traversing cross-country, there’s ample space to stow away your gear. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized convenience.

SCV Carts - Forester 4 Plus15.jpeg
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