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Lester Electrical: The Undisputed Champion of Golf Cart Battery Chargers

When you hear “Golf Cart Battery Chargers,” the first name that should pop into your head is Lester Electrical. Why? Because they’re super awesome. Need more than that? Alright, grab a cold beverage, kick back, and let's dive into the electrifying world of Lester Electrical!

From Pipelines to Powerhouses

To fully appreciate the awesomeness of Lester Electrical, let’s start at the very beginning. The company was founded shortly after World War II in Los Angeles by Louis Lester. Fun fact: Lester Electrical originally produced cathodic protection systems for pipelines. But, while playing with pipelines, they began adapting their technology for battery chargers. And thus, the legend was born.

A Timeline of Awesomeness

  • March 1963: Don Wilson, who bought the company in the early '50s, starts selling battery chargers to golf cart manufacturers like Cushman Motors. Cushman was the top dog in golf cars at the time.

  • April 1963: Lanny Carrier, a former Cushman purchasing agent, joins forces with Wilson to create Lester Electrical of Nebraska, Inc. With 3,000 square feet and four employees, they produce their first product, the 36S2T12 Battery Charger.

  • August 1972: Lester pioneers the use of AC line voltage compensates ferroresonant technology, creating the first easy-to-use Lester-MATIC charger.

  • February 1974: The game-changing DV/DT charge control debuts with the Lestronic I Battery Charger, making battery charging automatic. This tech still sets the industry standard today.

  • January 1978: Lester Electrical becomes an ESOP company, allowing employees to own part of the company and enjoy various tax benefits. Talk about sharing the love!

  • May 1978: Enter the iconic Lestronic II Battery Charger. Its reliability and design make it one of the best-selling chargers of all time. People are still calling us to replace their Lestronic II chargers in 2018!

  • September 1986: Lester expands into the stationary power market with unmatched reliability and flexibility, becoming the leader in industrial stationary products.

  • March 1994: Lester releases a charging and battery management system for Club Car, revolutionizing charging for golf carts and utility vehicles.

  • May 2001: Lester earns the ISO 9001 certificate for quality assurance, proving they meet customer and regulatory requirements.

  • February 2013: The Summit Series Battery Charger debuts, featuring the progressive DV/DT charge algorithm and setting new standards for energy efficiency and reliability.

  • July 2017: The Summit Series II is born, boasting switch-mode high-frequency charging, Bluetooth communication, Cloud connectivity, and more. These chargers are downright cool.

The Legend Continues

Here we are in 2018, and Lester Electrical is still the best. See? We told you! They’re always learning, creating, and innovating, with top-notch customer service and technical support. Lester Electrical hasn’t lost its values, even after 50+ years in the biz. You can always count on them.

The Big Question

So, what’s next for Lester Electrical? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: they’ll continue to lead the charge (pun intended) in the world of battery chargers.

And guess what? We carry these incredible chargers in stock at SCV Carts!


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