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Evolution Electric Vehicles

Model Name

Turfman 800


2 Passenger & Utility


This beast of a cart boasts a substantial steel cargo bucket and a towing hook for the heaviest loads. Its hot-galvanized chassis promises long-lasting durability, while the off-road tires ensure uncompromised performance on challenging terrains. The Turfman 800 is the ultimate workhorse for demanding commercial environments.


● Turfman 800: 118″ x 55″ x 79″

● Cargo box: 43″ x 46″ x 11″


● Lithium Battery
● 48V 6.3KW AC Motor
● 400 AMP Evolution AC Controller
● 25 MPH Max Speed
● 25A Evolution On-Board Charger

SCV Carts - Turfman 8001.jpeg
SCV Carts - Turfman 8002.jpeg

A New Standard in Commercial Hauling

The Turfman 800 redefines what it means to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease and efficiency. This is not just another golf cart; it’s a powerhouse built for the rugged demands of commercial sites. With its expansive cargo bucket, you can transport more substantial materials or equipment without the slightest strain. Every aspect, from its robust towing hook to the durable hot-galvanized chassis, is purposefully designed to withstand the harshest conditions and the weightiest of tasks. Whether it’s moving construction materials at a development site or towing equipment in expansive agricultural fields, the Turfman 800 stands as a testament to unmatched strength and reliability.

SCV Carts - Turfman 8006.jpeg
SCV Carts - Turfman 8003.jpeg
SCV Carts - Turfman 8004.jpeg


Taking a refreshing sip while on the go has never been easier. With our ergonomic cup holder, carrying beverages from sodas to water bottles becomes hassle-free. Plus, its compartments are perfect for storing those essential small items, like USB cords, ensuring you have everything within arm’s reach.


Stay powered up during your tasks with our state-of-the-art dual USB chargers. Designed with multiple protective features against overloads and voltage spikes, they guarantee a safe and efficient charging experience for all your devices, ensuring you’re always connected.

SCV Carts - Turfman 8005.jpeg
SCV Carts - Turfman 8008.jpeg


Handling hefty loads? Our rugged thermoplastic cargo bucket at the back offers ample space for tools, bags, or any other essentials you need to move. Ideal for diverse tasks from farming to quick beach getaways, its ultra-strong construction promises longevity and resilience.


Our towing hook isn’t just about strength—it’s about providing seamless, efficient towing. Designed to eliminate the need for external towing services, it ensures you can handle towing tasks swiftly, saving both time and money.

SCV Carts - Turfman 8007.jpeg

The Turfman 800 isn’t just about raw power. It’s an embodiment of intelligent engineering. The off-road tires, specially crafted for this model, ensure that no terrain is too challenging. Whether it’s muddy fields, gravel paths, or uneven landscapes, the Turfman 800 navigates with precision and stability, making sure your cargo reaches its destination without a hitch. The synergy between power and performance makes it an indispensable asset for any commercial operation.

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